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Behind The Scenes​

Behind The Scenes​

Behind The Scenes​

Our Team

...Because Success Is Never A One-Man Show

Pamela Wagner

Pamela Wagner

Founder & CEO

Having formerly worked at Google and engaged with over 2000 advertisers to help them set up and optimize their online campaigns, her primary goal is to support your business growth through efficient ad strategies across several tools & platforms.

Elena Prilisauer

Operations Manager

Elena’s global experience in managing operations of businesses completely location-independently make her and organizational mastermind. Wherever she is, things fall naturally into place.

Argie Bujawe


Passionate web developer, blending creativity with code for seamless, visually captivating online experiences.

Samuel Artur


Samuel is a tech enthusiast who brings offline ideas to life online. He’s all about sparking innovation and change in the tech scene, both in Ghana and beyond

Our Partners

Bild von Christopher Kneier-Hohenegger



Christopher is the founder and CEO of METAMEDIUM, a contemporary communications agency network with 43 partners, design studios, developers, production teams and agencies in 15 countries. He is an executive producer in the award-winning visual communication, brand design and animations  studio Visual Artists Collective. 

His endless curiosity and deep understanding of digital transformation and human behavior make him a valubale business development and communication specialist. 

Bild von Helmut Karas

Helmut Karas

SecurityCOaCH + digital:
why and how e.U.

Digital competences of companies & digital transformation of companies are the offerings of the consultant and former manager Helmut Karas. His mission is to provide the simplest methods to manage both. Coaching people is a recurring theme of the passionate innovator.

Bild von David García Ruiz

David García Ruiz

Multilingual SEO Specialist

David and his team help businesses with their SEO strategy. In a nutshell, this is what they can do for you:

  1. Create content that that achieves your goals for your potential customers
  2. Build your website authority through relevant links for your industry
  3. Optimise your pages and make sure they are free of errors.