About Us​

About Us​

About Us​

Ads can be complicated.
We make them simple.

Run by a former Google employee – Ajala Digital is a certified Google Partner that specializes in mobile, search, video, and display ads.

Working with over 2000+ companies around the world, we’ve learned 3 things when it comes to creating winning ad campaigns. 

Love What You Do

Insider Knowledge Makes All The Difference

Small Details Matter

Unfortunately, many ad experts overlook these factors or don’t even care.

Which results in less than optimal results… and less than satisfied clients.

We know better. That’s why we work 1-on-1 with 6 & 7+ figure companies, and help them manage EVERYTHING when it comes to ads.

As a result our clients see:

3-5X better use of budget

Lower click cost

Better-targeted clicks

Increased ROI & Performance


Integrity & transparency: Do the right thing. Always.

Create and spread happiness: a real and lasting impact can only be achieved by coming from a place of love and happiness.

Presume positive intent: We are all humans. We make mistakes. But, we deeply believe that any human being acts in their best interest at any point and time.

Open communication: Let’s face it – we are not superheroes (even though some of our clients like to say that), so we’ll tell you straight up if there is something we can’t do or don’t know. We also like to stay away from promises.

Striving for excellence: We believe in sustainable growth being driven by happy employees working towards the same vision. Only then, you’ll receive the best output possible for everyone’s greater good.

Don’t just stay on top of the industry – create it. 


Only by appointment. We’re super busy and love to use our time as efficiently as possible, and also give you the attention that you deserve!


Hohenstaufengasse 6
1010 Vienna