Behind The Scenes At Ajala Digital​

Our Team

Pamela Wagner

Founder & CEO

Having formerly worked at Google and engaged with over 2000 advertisers to help them set up and optimize their online campaigns, my primary goal is to support your business growth through efficient ad strategies across several tools & platforms.

Wolfgang Feger

Head of Marketing

Working for companies big and small, nationally and internationally I’ve learned one thing: There is always a way forward. Especially with all the tools that digital marketing provides. Being a lifelong learner, I am looking forward to helping you find new ways and grow your business.

Vivien Isabel Herak Hadaš

Assistant Project Manager

Vivien is a business administration student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in her senior year of studies with abroad experience at Bentley University (the USA) with a great passion for (digital) marketing and design.

...Because Success Is Never A One-Man Show

Our most successful clients know that their business barely depends on one single marketing action.

​They know that having a funnel in place, getting a strong website, and taking care of one’s email marketing is equally as important as having a reliable partner on the paid ads side. 

Just like many people who are fed up with their jobs and want to become entrepreneurs to focus on ‚that one thing‘ they love so much. Only to see very quickly that running a business is much more than just doing ‚the one thing‘ you love.

Being in the industry for over 5 years and having worked with 2000+ companies all around the world, we’ve seen over and over again why some gloriously succeed with ads and others fail and give up.


Only by appointment. We’re super busy and love to use our time as efficiently as possible, and also give you the attention that you deserve!


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